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A desperate attempt to save this site

well i have finally found time in my day to sit down and post…I figured it just might pull the site up a little so i took my opportunity. Today I have a baseball game with my team that only won one game. We sorta suck… Well anyways, I decided that as if i didnt have enough already on my hands i would re-create my old CPFF army lol. Their site is clubpenguincpff.wordpress.com and they suck. Well while we are on the subject of things that suck, stellar has quit. This is probably old news to you, but she was my long time friend and i’m gonna miss her a lot. Final exams (better known as the dreaded finals) are coming up soon. There are 19 school days left for me! Then finals, then summer. The only thing is that finals totally suck. Wow i have a lot of stuff that sucks going on in my life right now :P. I’m sorry for being terrible at making any type of relevant or OK post at all, but this is believe it or not the best I can do right now. LOL. What’s going on in your life right now that sucks.


4 Responses

  1. I have exams going on all this week, which sucks. I also seem to be the only person who isnt off school tomorrow. and to top it all off I have Maths and Geography exams tomorrow for 4 hours.

    Yay me NOT 😀

  2. can’t wait until school ends!

  3. Hey Wur…. it sucks that I don’t talk to anymore. : ) Hope your summer is going good!!! Cya later! And that doesn’t suck! 😆

  4. Opps, I meant “talk to you” anymore.

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